Large Screen Active LEDs'

Panasonic Active LED displays level of events and experience of an audience largely depend on the audiovisual equipment available in a conference hall or a convention center. A modern Auditorium hall is a multipurpose facility that provides maximum comfort and functionality for speakers, attendees and all other users.

Ggadgets concept for Auditorium or convention hall equipment promotes maximum comfort for the audience and flexible functional opportunities for Panasonic Active LED displays event organizers and presenters.

  • Collaborative Auditorium / Convention hall

    Panasonic Active LED displays Ggadgets has developed a technology concept for convention halls that meets the highest level of functional and technical requirements.
    Display of information in excellent quality using optimal carefully selected display systems.
    Multi-window display of information from various sources on main and auxil-iary display systems.
    Interactive lectern for speakers to control presentations and write comments on top of the displayed materials.
    Sound reproduction and amplification of audio signals from various sources.
    Logging and recording of events held at the facility, maintenance of electronic archives.
    Convenient control of the equipment via the intuitive, user-friendly integrated control interface.
    Simultaneous multi-lingual interpretation for international events.
    Videoconferencing and teleconference bridges

  • Equipment in a techno convention centre includes

    AV signal switching and distribution system that enable connection of mobile content sources.
    Conference system for simultaneous interpretation.
    Integrated control system.
    Video conferencing system.
    Event logging and recording system.
    IT systems.
    Information display system.
    Sound system