Digital Signage Displays & Active LEDs

Panasonic Digital Signage Distributor is one of the most promising and fastest growing segments merging AV and IT technologies is digital signage. This technology in-volves the display of information on distributed display systems, installed in various public spaces.

They displayed information and the operation of displays are remotely controlled from a central control station. Each display is capable of displaying its own playlist com-piled in accordance with an applicable individual media plan. Thereby the principle "any information, in any location, at the right time, on any screen" is implemented in everyday practice.

The key advantage of the digital signage technology is its exclusive versatility and flexibility, which allows to display a vast variety of information, both in a consecu-tive content display mode and in a multi-window mode, when Panasonic Digital Signage Distributor every viewer can find information, which is particularly interesting exactly for them

Current key digital signage trend is the use of targeted content on each of the dis-plays, customized for a particular audience. Special sensors installed near each of the displays identify prevailing gender and age of the audience, and the content playlist is then dynamically adjusted depending on the profile of one or many viewers.

  • Digital signage applications

    formation boards;
    advertising booths;
    entertainment programs;
    information and navigation systems;
    corporate TV;
    creative solutions;
    digital interior design

  • Integrated solution from Ggadgets

    To build top-class digital signage systems, Ggadgets team has developed one-of-a-kind integrated solution based on software and hardware products from the world leading manufacturers.

  • FAQ

    1. Is digital signage the right solution for my company?

    Yes, digital signage boards help to promote your product/servises to a large audience quickly and you can display targeted content for the specific audience through inbuilt sensors which can sense gender & age, then automatically adjust the display, depending on the viewer's interest.
    2. How is digital signage used in product promotion?
    By placing digital signage boards in highly crowded areas or in bazaars, you can market your product by announcing your special offers, discounts, and pricing list of the product, by doing so, your brand will be remembered by a large number of people and they will definitely convert into your customers then sales rate will also be higher than ever.

    3. Which is the best digital signage solution in Chennai?

    G-Gadgets, Nanganallur, Chennai provides digital signage display boards for commercial purposes that fits all kind of industries it also provides both hardware and software to advertise your company’s product/services with customizable options under an affordable price and the most satisfiable customer support.

    4. What is the use of digital displays?

    Digital display boards can be used in various ways,
    Firstly you can use it to advertise your product/services to the public
    Secondly, you can broadcast any kind of entertainment show in your area
    Thirdly you can navigate your customer and inform them what you can do best for them through your product/services and can improve your sale rate.
    Lastly, you can also use these display boards to decorate your interiors by displaying unique pictures/videos.

    5. What are the benefits of digital signage boards?

    Digital signage boards are the most affordable, flexible, and easiest way to increase your brand value, and the number of daily walk-ins and also can attract targeted customers by continuously displaying content at any time and at anywhere.