About Us

Primary business areas

Proteant team of highly qualified engineers, software developers and audiovisual industry AV IT AI ML Data Analytics experts has designed and implemented many successful projects for clients in education, business, transport, sports, government, law enforcement, healthcare and other sectors.

Audio Visual and IT systems integration;
Development and implementation of data analysis solutions based on the platform;
IoT and Smart City solutions
Regional Distribution of Audio Visual & IT equipment;
Rental and AMC support.

Proteant has been a system integrator and a regional distributor of Audio Visual & IT solutions over years. We have achieved a lot over this period: we implement the complex and the most interesting Audio Visual & IT collaboration projects in Government of Tamil Nadu —we have gained recognition in the AV & IT market, won trust, and have been recognized by the professional community in the Audio Visual & IT industry. Today we continue to grow. Building on the expertise in the visualization of information, we developed analytics platform so that our customers could not only benefit from state-of-the-art equipment but also augment its capabilities with the help of real analytical data, mathematical models. We do not stop here. Today we have a pool of mathematicians working on one of the most interesting areas of modern technology — data science. I am convinced that the future is in the application of artificial intelligence and AV IT AI ML Data Analytics machine learning. This will generate economic effect measured in hundreds of millions of dollars for business, industry, insurance, retail, public administration. We see a synergistic effect from the combination of technologies for deep data analysis and visualization of information