Collaborative Training & Work Spaces

Effortless communications and effective collaboration of em-ployees are essential for businesses in the rapidly changing corpo-rate sector. Modern collaboration systems and intelligent office solutions help increase the productivity Panasonic Touch Display Collaboration of work in an organiza-tion and ensure optimal utilization of space.

  • Remote teamwork

    Panasonic Touch Display Collaboration. In the new business reality, remote collaboration tools take center stage. The current environment requires employees of an organization to work with colleagues in differ-ent locations and mobile office tools, such as videoconferencing solutions enable this type of cooperation between individuals. Modern organizations are concerned with optimal use of office space and consider deployment of platforms and digital tools en-abling telecommuting for employees. This helps to increase flexibility of work from home and cut costs with an aim to keep teams connected while they work apart.

  • Work Place Collaboration

    Increasingly popular huddle rooms and open space meeting areas need to have basic and high-quality audiovisual equipment that provides key teamwork capabilities, such as display and sharing of rich media, sketching and annotation, ability to save and email the results to all participants, along with high-quality audio and video con-nection.

    BYOD trend, when employees access corporate resources from their personal phones, laptops and other devices, creates additional requirements for the audiovisual equip-ment and corporate information security.

    Modern organizations are also concerned with optimal use of office space and consid-er smart office solutions that can offer a variety of intelligent services for employees, such as meeting room booking, navigation tools, tracking of work time and other ap-plications.

    Ggadgets team has an extensive experience in designing and distributing collabora-tion tools and designing integrated intelligent office solutions. Technologies imple-mented by the company include projectors and screens, interactive displays and ta-bles, meeting room booking systems, videoconferencing, building navigation sys-tems, corporate BI and analytics, as well as a variety of proprietary instruments de-veloped in-house.

  • Modern Office Collaboration

    Success of a modern business irrespective of its size depends on the company's flexi-bility and the ability to quickly adapt in a rapidly changing business environment by implementing effective processes, internal and external communications, by main-taining personnel competencies on a high level, and by presenting company's prod-ucts and services in the most vivid and effective manner. Today, the volumes of cor-porate information, including multimedia data, have increased dramatically. This re-quires new approaches and tools for management and visualization of this infor-mation..

    The new level of office efficiency is enabled by interactive screens, augmented reality glasses and VR headsets, solutions for wireless presentation and visualization of ma-terials from mobile devices, teamwork tools, including audio and video communica-tion systems.

    Availability of these systems completely changes our perception of a modern presen-tation. Today, presentation of products and services evolved into a small show, whereby a boring narrator speech accompanied by a PowerPoint slideshow is replaced with an interactive, inclusive and exciting spectacle that will not leave listeners indif-ferent to the topic of discussion.

  • Smart Office

    Today, intelligent IT-systems and services have found their rightful place in the or-ganization of office and production spaces. Smart services, including, but not limited to, booking of meeting rooms and workstations, indoor navigation systems, infor-mation systems custom-tailored to meet the needs of both visitors and employees, safety and security systems, IP video surveillance, energy monitoring systems serve as the sources of data for a corporate analytics system. In-depth analysis of the data collected from various sources allows respective corporate departments to monitor and manage office activities, providing the executives with explicit controls over key business performance indicators, strategic planning and management.